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18K white gold 4.65 ct. star sapphire and 1.30 ct. VS1/G baguette and round diamonds dressing ring.

14K gold white gold 9.26 ct. purple cabochon amethyst quartz and 0.50 ct. VS2 G color diamond dressing ring.
$ 3,285

14K white gold 5.57 carat amethyst quartz ring and 0.50 ct. VS2 G color diamond dress ring.

18K white gold ring with total weight 3.12 ct. VVS2/VS2 F/G color diamond band.

14K white gold ring with 2.07 ct. round and princess cut diamonds SI1/SI2 G/H color.

14K white gold 2.05 ct. VS type I amethyst quatz and 0.60 ct. diamond and pink rose quatz.

18K white gold 1 ct. black diamond and 0.62 VS2 SI1 G/H color white diamond ring.

10K white gold 1 carat natural blue sapphire corundum bagutte and 0.22 ct. diamond band.

18K white gold diamond ring with total weight 2.28 ct. SI1 G color round diamond.

18K white gold with 3.26 carat green chrysoberyl and 0.39 ct. VS2 F/G color diamond dressing ring.

14K white gold pink tourmaline and diamond dress ring.

14K white gold dress ring with 2.50 ct. dark purple, midium purplish blue medium yellow, midium light pink and medium dark pink natrual sapphire and 0.52 ct. diamond VS2 G color

18K white gold ring with 2.75 carat narual ruby I2 type II and 0.80 ct. VS2 G color princess cut diamond and 0.20 ct. VS2 G color round brilliant cut diamond.

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